Big Y’ALL Restock + New Pennant Hoodies

by Kentucky For Kentucky |


Ask and Y’ALL shall receive…..more Y’ALL gear. We’re teaching you how to be epic southern crushers, one Y’all sweatshirt at a time. You asked for more Y’all apparel and we’re filling the order. The world wants to see us crush Yale with Y’all and we’re ready for it, friends. So this week we’re doing a massive restock of your favorite line to make sure you’re decked out for fall, Kentucky-for-Kentucky style.  Fill your closet while you can: Y’all sweatshirts, t-shirts, kids gear, and fresh-to-death raglans. Yes, you can have it all.

Fun goes down this Friday September 19th at 10am on our website.

Fall is here and you need a new sweatshirt. In addition to the big Y’ALL restock going down on Friday, we’ll also be dropping these fresh new ‘Bluegrass State’ old school pennant sweatshirts.

Words by Hannah Legris and photos by Stanley Sievers

There are more barrels of bourbon than people in Kentucky.

Kentucky for Kentucky