Check out these photos from the 2017 Kentucky for Kentucky Totally Tubular Tube-A-Thon — Kentucky’s No. 1 summer event!


More than 2,200 of y’all came out for the second annual Kentucky for Kentucky Totally Tubular Tube-A-Thon June 10 on the mighty Elkhorn Creek. It was a beautiful day filled with plenty of sunshine, gentle waters and good food, good music and good vibes all around.
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Raise a glass to Colonel E.H. Taylor, the father of bourbon tourism, on National Bourbon Day.

Each year, on June 14, we celebrate America’s native spirit with National Bourbon Day


As set forth in a resolution adopted by Congress on May 4, 1964, only whiskey distilled in America from a mash containing a minimum of 51 percent corn and aged for at least two years in new, charred American White Oak barrels can rightfully be labeled as bourbon.
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Kentucky filmmaker Steven Middleton documents Kentucky’s weird, wacky and wonderful roadside attractions.

In the pre-interstate days, unique roadside attractions dotted Kentucky’s highways and byways. They served as a fun diversion for folks traveling through the area, and also helped bring business to local restaurants, filling stations and motels. While you don’t see as many roadside attractions these days, many are still out there and operating.
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