Juice up your Derby party with these classic Kentucky bourbon cocktails popular in the 1930s.

Derby season is upon us, friends, and that means that over here at Kentucky for Kentucky we’re getting ready to mix up a few dozen of our favorite bourbon cocktails and start placing a few bets. The mint julep will always be a crowd pleaser for all your parties, but why stop there?


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“Captain Kentucky” takes us on a road trip through the Commonwealth and the places that informed his literary roots.

Driving along Paris Pike on a bright, chilly winter morning, I knew that I had much more ahead of me than rolling hills and ridge lines—as beautiful as those would prove to be. Several luminaries of Lexington’s arts scene are packed into the rental car with me: writer Ed McClanahan, musician Mark Vanderboegh, and photographer Guy Mendes, who graciously provided all of the images for this feature.


What, one might ask, was I doing driving the backroads of Kentucky with these guys? It’s a fitting question, and one I’ve reflected on several times in the weeks since. The simplest answer is that Ed agreed to let us accompany him on a tour of some of his childhood haunts—the communities of Maysville, Augusta, and Brooksville. The more complicated answer is that, over the last few years, I have been fortunate to learn more about Kentucky, a state in which I lived for a little more than a decade before being transplanted to the Rust Belt city of Buffalo, New York, from several of her more important descendants, including Brooksville’s own, Captain Kentucky.
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When wildfires devastated pastureland in several Great Plains states, Kentucky hay farmer Charlie Nuckols got rolling to help send relief.

In mid-March, high winds and low humidity caused wildfires to spread rapidly across the plains of Oklahoma, Kansas and parts of Texas. The largest fire started east of Beaver, Oklahoma, and spread to northeast parts of the state. Ashland, 40 miles away, was evacuated. A few people lost their lives in the blaze, and the fire destroyed hundreds of miles of fences, farmers’ and ranchers’ equipment and multiple structures. Hundreds of head of cattle were also lost.
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The weird wedding of politics and wrasslin’ in East Kentucky.

If you needed further proof that we’ve crossed over into a bizarro world, an alternate reality where U.S. politics has devolved into pop tribalism and the line between entertainment and governance has been severely blurred, behold The Progressive Liberal.


No, not the millennial grad student. The wrestler. He parts the black curtains and the crowd goes ballistic inside the Leatherwood Elementary gymnasium in Perry County, Kentucky. They see the Democratic donkeys on his kneepads and Hillary Clinton’s face repeated into a psychedelic pattern on his signature T-shirt and they start foaming at the mouth.
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