Chick-Chicken Mugs by Carl Wagoner!

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

There isn’t a single born and bread(ed) Kentuckian out there who doesn’t love chicken; everyone knows this.  Our love for this majestic bird is simply in our blood and the state of Kentucky is recognized around the world because of this love!  Hell, fried chicken was practically invented in Kentucky (thank you, Colonel)!  Luckily, Carl Wagoner, one of Kentucky’s finest potters, has given us a way to express this love to it’s full capacity: on a coffee mug!  These amazing handmade, Kentucky-made chicken mugs will have you ready for lunch time before breakfast even begins.  These incredible mugs will be up for grabs on our website starting at 10AM this Friday, April 10th!  Available in red and brown! There are only small batches of both colors and they’re gonna go FAST, so don’t be chicken! Have our page pulled up and be ready to click away before these kick-ass cluckers disappear!

Kentucky for Kentucky