Classic Bourbon Cocktails

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

How do you like your bourbon? This Friday, July 28th at 10am we’re relaunching these beautiful “Classic Bourbon Cocktails” print by artist Rachael Sinclair. These prints feature 12 beautifully hand-drawn illustrations of iconic bourbon-based beverages and recipes, this handsome design is printed on 80-pound French paper in a limited run. Back by popular demand, y’all! They’ll be available online starting at 10am this Friday.


Not only is the print the perfect accessory for any bar, it’s also functional. Illustrations and recipes include how to make a Bourbon Neat (although you no doubt have that one covered), Old Fashioned, Bourbon Sour, Milk Punch, Bourbon on the Rocks, Sazerac, Bourbon & Coke, Hot Toddy, Manhattan, Kentucky Mule, Mint Julep, and a Brown Derby.


Because if it ain’t Kentucky, it ain’t bourbon!



Kentucky for Kentucky