Colonel Sanders Rode A Chicken… and We Made a T-shirt to Tell the Tale!

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

Didn’t think we could go any farther with Colonel Sanders? Well, now we’ve got him riding a chicken across our heather black tri-blend t-shirts…for adults!

Everything we make has a story to tell, and this shirt is no different – now your shirt can tell curious onlookers, “Hey, guess what? Once a famous, grown-ass Kentucky Colonel rode a chicken, and we’re proud of that, y’all!”

It’s time to let your kick-ass style make a statement – and we know you can grab one of these faster than you could wrangle a live hen and hop on, yourself.

Illustrated by the talented kick ass Kentuckian Rachael Sinclair. Available on Tuesday January 21st at 10:00am.

Kentucky for Kentucky