We’re Looking for Kick-Ass Contributors

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

Do you love Kentucky? Are you constantly in awe of all the weird, wacky, wonderful and insanely beautiful aspects of the Commonwealth? Of course you are, and we are, too. That’s why we should team up.

When we’re not busy making fresh new Kentucky gear, kicking it with Cocaine Bear at the Fun Mall, or breaking down the marketing genius of Eric C. Conn, we’re out and about having fun and exploring our great state. But Kentucky is a big place. Absolutely epic in its awesomeness. Which is why we need y’all’s help to make sure no stone is left unturned, no unique attraction left unvisited, no beloved local character left uncelebrated, and no road left unexplored.


Whether it’s fun, entertaining, educational, weird — we like weird, in case you haven’t noticed — a great place to visit or a kick-ass Kentuckian who deserves some recognition, we want to hear about it. As long as it’s totally Kentucky and totally unique.


Writers, photographers, videographers, finger-paint artists, dreamers and doers — we also want to hear from you about ways to feature your creativity and unique perspective on our state.


Interested in contributing or have a story idea to share? Drop us a line at info@kyforky.com or via our Facebook page and let us know what you’re thinking. Let’s do this, Kentucky!


Kentucky for Kentucky