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Who’s hungry? Crave is back in action this weekend! An epic festival of food and live music right here in good ol’ Lexington, Ky. Seriously, y’all; it’s epic. There are over 50 food vendors, craft beer, 11bands and a classic car show this year. Last year over 50,000 people attended Crave. We’ll be there serving up the freshest Kentucky gear in all of the Commonwealth. We’ll also be serving up all of the kick-ass Crave gear. We’ve even collaborated with Crave and Rachael Sinclair on an exclusive new print that will only be available at Crave called the ‘Kentucky Food Pyramid’ (photo below). The best damn food pyramid in the world. The only food pyramid in the world that features both Kentucky bourbon and the Kentucky Hot Brown. Only 190 prints signed by Rachael and printed by Tim Jones will be available and you can only purchase them at Crave. You’re gonna wanna come to Crave!

What: Crave Lexington is a food and music festival that features the best food trucks, restaurants, caterers and homecooks in the Commonwealth. Free admission, two days of live music, a classic car show, Andover Construction Water Park, art and fun for everyone, and so much more.

Saturday August 22nd 12pm-11pm and Sunday August 23rd 12pm-7pm

Masterson Station Park Fairgrounds

Photos by Savanna Barnett

We have the most navigable waterways in the Continental USA

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