David Kenton Kring Epic Hunter S. Thompson Tumblers

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

When David Kenton Kring decided to throw these Hunter S. Thompson tumblers, he pulled the bourbon off the shelf, downed a double shot, and got to work. We told him to make something pint-sized so we could pour a local brew in there to give a hearty ‘Cheers to the Commonwealth!’ But Kring looked up from his potter’s wheel, scoffed and replied, “I need a glass this big just to hold a Hunter-S-Thompson-sized bourbon.” Well said, David Kring, well said. Buy one for yourself or buy one for the whole decadent family, these handmade tumblers are sure to be a hit no matter what beverage they’re holding. At $36 each, you’ll get to snag a Kentucky masterpiece for a small price. Tumblers go on sale this Friday May 2nd at 10:00am, only 50 available.


Photos by Stanley Sievers and words by Hannah LeGris

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