Epic. Vintage. Kentucky. Map. Prints.

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

You asked for them, we got them. Epic. Vintage. Kentucky. Map. Prints. We scoured the universe for the best and most amazing vintage Kentucky highway maps and now we’re delivering them to you.

Irvin S. Cobb wrote a beautiful article about Kentucky identity, Jeremy Booth penned a beautiful design, Tim Jones pulled a beautiful print…George Clooney is a beautiful man. And we’re giving it allto you. The maps are old, and they’re good – we’ve got maps dated from 1920-2004.  They’re one of a kind.

We’re making 40 prints available on Friday, May 30th at 10am sharp.

Sizes vary, but most are around 16″ x 26″ at $65 each.

Get them while you can, because they’re gonna go faster than a sly snake through summer sod.

Words by Hannah Legris and photos by Cassie Lopez

Kentucky for Kentucky