The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide!

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

Need some gift ideas for Father’s Day, y’all? We’ve got you covered! Presenting the ultimate kick-ass gift guide filled with ideas to let your dad know just how awesome he is this Father’s Day.

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Fathers Day Gift Guide 1


1. Y’ALL T-Shirt

It’s the classic crusher that started it all, y’all! $25 Buy it here!


2. Bourbon Breath T-Shirt

Does your dad have perpetual bourbon breath? Have we got the perfect shirt for him! $25 Buy it here!


3. Holler T-Shirt

Holler for the dads in the back! $25 Buy it here!


4. Born and Breaded Baseball Tee 

For all those Kentucky-fried dads. $25 Buy it here!


5. United We Stand T-Shirt 

Commonwealth dads, unite! $25 Buy it here!


Fathers Day Gift Guide 2


6. “Work Hard Drink Bourbon” Print

Then rinse and repeat. $25 Buy it here!


7. Abe Lincoln Print

And Kentucky dads must have this print! $25 Buy it here!


8. Kentucky Icons Print

It’s like earning your Kentucky merit badge. $25 Buy it here!


Fathers Day Gift Guide 3


9. Kentucky-brewed beer

Because Kentucky beer is better than non-Kentucky beer.


10. Bottle opener key chain

So he can open a beer anytime, anywhere. $12 Buy it here!


11. “Heaven Must Be A Kentucky Kind Of Place” crystal decanter

All kinds of classy! $130 Buy it here!


12. Leather Coasters

Because dads are prone to leaving those rings moms love. $6 each / $22 set of four Buy it here!


13. Kick-Ass pint glasses

A Kick-ass glass for a kick-ass dad. $8 Buy it here!


14. Kentucky bourbon

Bourbon — the warmth of a hug that says “I love you, Dad,” right in the belly.


15. Bourbon glasses

We can’t have Dad drinking straight out of the bottle, can we? $12 each. Buy 3 get 1 free with code DADBOD. Buy it here!


Fathers Day Gift Guide 4


16. “If It Ain’t Kentucky It Ain’t Bourbon” Barrelhead

Perfect for Dad’s bar or man cave. $140 Buy it here!


17. No Tell Motel Key Tags

For when mom and dad need a little alone time. $3 each, $5 for both Buy it here!


18. Koozies

We know he can smash his beer before it gets warm, but just in case. $2 Buy it here!


19. Kentucky Kicks Ass front license plate

Say it loud, say it proud! Kentucky coming at’cha. $12 Buy it here!


20. Enamel Camp Mugs

Complete his camping gear with some awesome enamel mugs. $20 Buy it here!


21. Gent’s Toasted Oak Cocktail Syrup

Locally made syrups and mixers make a mighty tasty cocktail. $12 Buy it here!


22. More Kentucky beer

Because beer by the growler means more to go around.


Fathers Day Gift Guide 5


23. Horse Humping Socks

Half of the horses on these socks are dads. Think about it. $12 Buy it here!


24. Blue Kentucky Socks

Once dad tries these socks, he cannot be de-feeted. #BBN #DADJOKE $12 Buy it here!


25. Y’ALL Socks

Y’ALL Socks? Y’all know it! $12 Buy it here!


26. ‘Merica Kentucky Socks

Does your Dad love ‘Merica just as much as he loves Kentucky? We’ve got him covered. $12 Buy it here!


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