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This week, in addition to our epic holiday restock, we’re ​stoked to bring back our ​killer ‘Kentucky Kicks Ass’ flags. These flags sold out last time and are back by popular demand. Kick-ass flags for proud​ kick-ass​ Kentuckians. Flags that let the world know​ who we are and what we do. Celebrate Kentucky’s kick-assery with a big ol’ Kentucky Kicks Ass’ flag. Hell yeah.

100 flags​ will be​ available this Friday at 10:00am. ​These babies are made in the USA, and showcase double-sided “Kentucky Kicks Ass” logo detail. Flags are crafted from a durable poly-blend and measure 3′ x 5′, $48. They’re to be flown with pride.

Perfect for: Proud Kentuckians, Old Kentucky Homes, Boats, Recreational Vehicles, ATV’s, Businesses, Offices, Campsites, Festivals, Events, Boarders, ​Lovers & beyond. ​

Photos and Vide# by Stanley Sievers

The swimsuit Mark Spitz wore in 72 Olympics was made in Paris, Kentucky

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