Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln!

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

“I Hope To Have God On My Side, But I Must Have Kentucky” – Abraham Lincoln

Born in what is now known as Hodgenville, Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln is one of the most kick-ass Kentucky originals. A true Kentucky playa. Tomorrow, we wish him a happy birthday and celebrate all that he has contributed to American history. As a tribute, we’re rolling out two sets of prints to share with the world. Both prints are available for purchase on Wed Feb 12th at 10:00AM ET on our website.

First, we’ve got 150 limited-edition metallic gold and black Lincoln prints on white French Company Paper, designed and printed by Tim Jones in Lexington, Kentucky, $25 each. Print size is 12.5”x19”. Tim’s first batch of Tim’s Lincoln prints sold out fast, fast like the Kentucky Derby. Don’t hesitate, they won’t last long.

Second, we’ve got 50 limited-edition vintage Kentucky highway map prints. After a few months of acquiring more of these sweet old Kentucky highway maps we’re back in action. Back to the future. Back to releasing another batch of these beautiful prints. These vintage maps date anywhere from the 1930’s to the early 2000’s and they are all in great condition. Each print is one of a kind, designed and printed by hand in Lexington, KY by Tim Jones. Sizes vary, but most are around 16” x 26”. Once again, don’t hesitate. Tim’s vintage Kentucky map prints always sell out super fast. Fast like a Corvette.

Photos by Stanley Sievers and words by Hannah Legris and Tom Cruise

We have the most navigable waterways in the Continental USA

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