‘Heaven Must Be A Kentucky Kind Of Place’

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

If you’re a Kick Ass Kentuckian, it’s your duty to watch the Food Network’s all-new series : ‘Southern at Heart’ with Damaris Phillips. Why?

1. Damaris is a kick ass Kentuckian that recently won The Next Food Network Star.

2. The show takes place in Louisville Kentucky. The show is like a big awesome ad for Kentucky.

3. Damaris shows us how to cook all sorts of kick ass southern dishes.

4. Occasionally she rocks Kentucky for Kentucky gear on the show. Like this ‘Heaven Must Be A Kentucky Kind Of Place’ tote (click here to get you one) she was rocking in the last episode.

“This past week, I used one of my favorite daily accessories at the Farmer’s Market – my Kentucky For Kentucky ‘Heaven Must Be A Kentucky Kind Of Place’ tote. Couldn’t have said it better myself!”

Damaris Phillips

We’re big fans, Damaris and her new show are off the damn hook.

Happy Birthday was invented by the Hill sisters in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kentucky for Kentucky