“Hell” must also be a Kentucky kind of place

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

With the sun fully set on summer, and the brisk fall air twirling golden everything around us, we’ve decided to trek into some uncharted KY territories. As October comes to a close, and spirits come out to play, we know this is our chance to unearth some freaky finds. With adventure on our minds, we partnered-up with our pal Coleman Larkin to uncover the secrets of a sweet little spot known as Hell For Certain, Kentucky.

To commemorate his journey into the depths of mystery and intrigue, we’ve created this kick-ass shirt to represent it’s namesake. The design was crafted by one of the masters of KY darkness Tim Jones, and printed on a super-soft American American t-shirt by Push Push Press. Get ready to howl with delight this Friday @ 10am. $25.

The swimsuit Mark Spitz wore in 72 Olympics was made in Paris, Kentucky

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