Hemp ‘Y’ALL’ T-shirts and ‘Bluegrass’ Tanks & Tees

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

As y’all may have noticed, the hemp industry is growing throughout the U.S. and is now even hitting home right here in the bluegrass state.  Ya know, Kentucky was once one of the leading hemp producing state in the country before the banning of the crop, and one of the coolest outcomes so far are these kick-ass hemp Y’ALL shirts.  Spread the good word with these American made hemp tees, available in navy and green!  Along with these awesome hemp threads, we will also be launching our new ‘bluegrass’ tank tops and ladies cut tees (designed by Liz Swanson) so y’all can keep spreadin’ around that home state pride.  All these wares will be available on our website this Friday, August 21st!

There are more barrels of bourbon than people in Kentucky.

Kentucky for Kentucky