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This Friday the 13th (SPOOKY!), we’re launching a product that will make your any visitor to your home feel welcome. Let your front door do the talking with these charming doormats made in the USA. Sourced from the oldest doormat manufacturer in the US, these mats are made from natural coir fibers. Not only are they durable and authentic, the fibers in the mats come from coconut husks, a renewable resource. No deforestation takes place during this process, so the production of these mats is as friendly as their message! There’s nothing like good ole Southern Hospitality.

Vinyl backed “Howdy Y’ALL” door mats are $50 each and measure 17.5″ x 29.5″. They will be available for purchase two ways this Friday. You can get yourself one on our website starting at 10:00AM, or you can get one in person at our Valentine’s “Getting Lucky with Kentucky for Kentucky” Pop-Up Shop. That’s this Friday at our office:

720 Bryan Ave, Lexington, KY 40505



Photos by Savanna Barnett

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