Jamie Anne Karolich x Kentucky for Kentucky Note Cards & Stationary

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

It’s a fact that Kentuckians have refined tastes and are known for their southern charm – and who can be as polite as pie without some old-fashioned sweet nothings scrawled on a well-printed page?

When we realized that Kentuckians needed custom cards, we hired Jamie Anne Karolich to spin out a little something special. As a native of our kick-ass state, Jamie is no stranger to friendly greetings and Commonwealth pride. The cards she’s created for us are crafted with Kentucky letter-lovers in mind.

We’ve chosen regal gold and elegant navy to showcase her state-centric designs, and have given you a range of writing options upon which to place your pen. The note card sets contain four cards and four envelopes, and are printed on cotton-blend French Paper. The stationary set holds ten sheets of mid-weight paper and five envelopes; each sheet is printed with a small gold Kentucky emblem. These cards exclusively designed for Kentucky for Kentucky and are printed by hand on a vintage letterpress.

Put your pen to paper, Kentucky, because you’ve got letters to write. Available in small batches on Friday December 13th at 10:30 AM on our website.

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