11 Gifts Under $15 for Proud Kentuckians!

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

Looking for the perfect Kentucky gift? Look no further! Here are 11 ideas under $15 that are sure to please anyone on your list.

1. Southern Socks

Everybody needs a little Kentucky swag for their feet! The perfect gift for anyone who has ever worn socks. Choose from a variety of fun styles, from horse humping and beer pong to shotgun shells and Y’ALL, y’all! Made in the USA! Only $12, buy them here!


2. Kentucky Shaped Bottle Openers

Open up and say “HELL YEAH” with these kick-ass bottle openers that double as a keychain, y’all! Made from durable stainless steel by artisans right here in Kentucky, you can bet this trusty bottle opener is ready to handle years of service. Made in Kentucky! Only $12, buy them here!


3. Kentucky Coal

Have a real jerk on your list? Nothing says Merry Christmas, Butthole, quite like a lump of authentic Kentucky coal. It’s the ultimate passive-aggressive gift — with a Kentucky twist. Made in Kentucky! Only $7, buy them here!


4. Kentucky Rocks

The hottest (or coldest?) gift of the holiday season, y’all! These Kentucky shaped ice cube trays give every beverage a bluegrass twist. Use these silicone FDA-approved ice trays to create flawless Kentucky-shaped ice cubes to take your bourbon and sweet tea sippin’ experience to the next level! Only $8, buy them here!


5. Bourbon Glasses

Give your favorite Kentucky-made beverage the love it deserves with a high-quality rocks glass. Choose your favorite style! Only $12, buy them here!


6. Field Notes

Every adventurer needs a set of Kentucky Field Notes! Inspired by memo books distributed to American farmers by agricultural companies.  Come in packs of 3, made in the USA! Only $10, buy them here!


7. No Tell Motel Key Tags

Our lips are sealed, but we can say that these retro-styled “No tell motel” key tags are a great way to keep up boat keys, truck keys, house keys — you name it, because we won’t. Shhh … Only $3 each, buy them here!


8. Kentucky Ornaments

Gift them a little Kentucky spirit for the tree with our “Heaven Must be a Kentucky Kind of Place” and “Y’ALL” ball Christmas ornaments! Only $5, buy them here!


9. Pint Glasses

Let your special someone know “I think you’re kick ass” with a “Kentucky Kicks Ass” pint glass. Only $8, buy them here!


10. Kentucky Kicks Ass Front License Plate

Let ’em know where you’re coming from with a fresh “Kentucky Kicks Ass” front plate. It’s like a reverse mullet for your car – party in the front, business in the rear. Only $10, buy them here!


11. Kick-Ass Stickers

Because who doesn’t love stickers, y’all?! Ideal for decking out any and all belongings in Kentucky swag. Only $1 each or $5 for a pack of 6! Buy them here!




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