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Y’all ready for more of these Ivy Leagued-out Y’ALL sweatshirts? In addition to the all-new Y’ALL t-shirts we’re dropping this Friday, November 15th at 10:30am, we’re also gonna drop a new batch of Y’ALL sweatshirts on the Internets. Awesome new Y’ALL sweatshirts in heather gray and navy. On there here website. Check em out in all of their radness below. Size large for the original gangsta blue and white Y’ALL sweatshirts will also be restocked. If you like instant gratification and would like one of these new heather gray Y’ALL sweatshirts in the near future, act fast. We’ve only got around 100 available in this first drop. See you Friday at 10:30am.

There are more barrels of bourbon than people in Kentucky.

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