Muhammad Ali Bowls by David Kenton Kring

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

When we asked David Kring to knock it out for the Commonwealth he didn’t hesitate to put on his gloves and climb into the ring to kick a little ass. Channeling the spirit of Muhammad Ali, David got to work and threw down 100 epic bowls with classic heavyweight style – we’re all going to rejoice in this victory. In celebration of The Greatest himself, David has created a collection of Muhammad Ali bowls that we’re selling in sets of two – a double threat, if you will. For this project, we drew vintage inspiration from the image of a young Ali gracing the front of a Wheaties box. Friends, once we saw that iconic image we knew – as any kick-ass Kentuckian should – that we needed to eat our Breakfast of Champions from a bowl bearing the likeness of the one and only People’s Champion.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Muhammad Ali has also been called ‘The Louisville Lip” for good reason – as a fighter, he had a big mouth, a strong personality, and an ego he could back up. Known to embody his catchphrase “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” Ali was one of the most influential figures of sport in the 20th century. His professional record of 56 wins, 5 losses, and 37 knockouts continues to be an impressive ledger, one that allowed him to become known as one of the best ever heavyweight champions.

Muhammad Ali revolutionized sport – and David Kring has kicked ass with his new line of bowls. Use them at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but make sure whatever you’re eating packs a punch. These are world-class collector’s items that are sure to go down in the history books. You proud Kentuckians know you won’t want to miss a single round of the action.

Muhammad Ali Bowls. Sold in sets of two: $60. Chocolate brown clay; purple interior glaze; exterior white slip and orange underglaze with a clear overglaze; black custom Ali stamp.  Thrown in Lexington by epic Kentucky crusher David Kenton Kring, forever a knockout.

Words by Hannah LeGris. Photos by Stanley Sievers.

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