New Ebbets Field Flannels ‘KY’ And ‘Y’ALL’ Baseball Caps Dropping Next Wed.

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

Baseball season is upon us, friends, and it’s time to get classy out there at home plate. Whether you’re up at bat, in the grandstands, or on the streets, you’ve gotta represent the home team – and that’s Kentucky, the original Kick-Ass Commonwealth.

New to the lineup, we’ve got a light grey and white “KY” hat in lightweight flannel and a light grey and royal blue “Y’ALL” hat. Already in the warmed up in bullpen from last winter, we’re also offering our navy and white “KY” hat, an old favorite and as good as it ever was. Ebbets Field Flannels are knows for their quality and dedication to mid-century American athletic flannel design. Their products are focused on craftsmanship, limited small-batch production, and American heritage.

So get outfitted, Kentuckians, because these aren’t going to last long – our first round sold out in minutes. Our custom Ebbets Hats feature adjustable sizing, unique attention to detail, and street cred that’s impossible to replicate.

DETAILS: Made in the USA by proud ‘Mericans, Horse hair buckram crown, Satin taping, Felt  ‘KY’ emblem, Cotton sweatband, Old-school wool broadcloth, One Size Fits All, Leather strap, Kentucky Kicks Ass.

Available Wednesday, April 30th at 10am – $50 per hat.

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