New “Neigh Neigh” Derby Tees

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

It’s horse racing time, y’all! And just in time for derby season we’re launching our brand new “Watch Me Sip Watch Them Neigh Neigh” t-shirts! Designed by Rachael Sinclair and hand-printed in-house by The Giant Robot. We’re also dropping these derby themed bandanas by Antonio Bandanas featuring a pastel pink “Grandstand” design and a lime green “Infield” design. Derby tees and bandanas will be available online this Friday, April 14th at 10am! Let’s get racing ready!

Don’t forget to grab yourself a pair of our Dapper dress socks to complete your derby attire, y’all! Available in Clucking Awesome, Racing Horses and Run For The Bourbon designs online and at the Kentucky Fun Mall (720 Bryan Ave).

Kentucky for Kentucky