The Forgettables

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

We know them as The Unforgettables now, but the season before they became the most celebrated group of seniors in Wildcat basketball history they were just Richie, Deron, John, and Sean, four starry-eyed hustlers trying to make a name for themselves in an embattled program with a brand new coach. Take a minute to look back and get to know the dogged players whose jerseys would one day hang in Rupp’s hallowed rafters, as well as their less famous teammates, with these vintage trading cards that are too good not to share. They’re a real blast from the past.


Obviously this is fake. These people didn’t actually say these things.
But Jamal Mashburn really does own 38 Outback Steakhouses. And that’s weird.

There are more barrels of bourbon than people in Kentucky.

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