The LongShots Trading Cards – 2013 series

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

“You’re a long shot. The weather, the track, and the wagers are against you. No one even knows your number. Then–POW!–out of nowhere, you’re coming up the inside like your feet are on fire, taking it all for the win. You’re a Kentuckian — and you Kick Ass.

Kentucky for Kentucky & the XO! Collective introduce the LongShots Trading Card Series, created by Rebecca Gayle Howell. A set of six trading cards, hand painted and letterpress printed in the palette of jockey silks, each featuring a different LongShot’s story and an original illustrated portrait. Trade them or frame them, but buy them before they’re gone. A limited edition of 50. Only 20 will be sold online.

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The 2013 LongShots are:
Isaac Burns Murphy
Sarah Ogan Gunning
Colonel Sanders
Rosie the Riveter
Sweet Evening Breeze
Carry A. Nation

Portrait illustrations by Paulita Zaglul.
Printing by Victoria Marie Bee and Rebecca Gayle Howell.

Trading cards are approximately 4″ x 6″
Only 20 to be sold online – click here, the other 30 will be sold at the Mounting Of The Colonel on June 27th in Lexington Kentucky.

Happy Birthday was invented by the Hill sisters in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kentucky for Kentucky