The Official Socks Of Horse Breeding Have Arrived!

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

It’s time to party Kentucky, the ‘Official Socks of Horse Breeding’ have arrived! Celebrate Kentucky’s awesome $4 billion horse industry with these amazing new socks depicting two thoroughbred horses making sweet Kentucky love. While most of Kentucky (and the world) tends to celebrate horse racing and eventing, we feel there’s a huge opportunity for us to celebrate the breeding. Why celebrate horse breeding? Because breeding is awesome. It’s enjoyable to the horses, just as it is to humans. It also brings in a boatload of cash, around a billion dollars annually. Horse breeding accounts for a majority of the jobs provided by the horse industry here in Kentucky. It takes a lot of man power to handle all of that horse power. Hot damn! Come on y’all, let’s celebrate horse sex… with these socks!

Details: Available on Friday May 15th at 10am on our website. Made in the USA. Only $12  pair.

Photos by Cassie Lopez. Flier by Kris Ange. Video by Ian Friley. Sock designs by Rachael Sinclair.

There are more barrels of bourbon than people in Kentucky.

Kentucky for Kentucky