Y’ALL License Plate Gas Caps

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

They’re back, y’all! This Friday, October 14th at 10 a.m. we’re bringing back these kick-ass vintage Y’ALL license plate hats by Gasoline Caps! Gasoline Caps is a growing business founded by Edwin Tofslie in partnership with fellow Kentuckian Brian Brooks. These guys are doing amazing things and making kick-ass caps for every state in the USA! So the story goes, Gasoline Caps is a side project of BUILT ( a design company) based in Montana and Kentucky (a.k.a. Montucky).
Vintage inspired license plate caps made for the love of baseball caps, gasoline culture and all things Americana. This specific cap happens to be the first Kentucky license plate hat, made exclusively for KY for KY! We completely sold out of these awesome hats in 10 minutes on the first launch, so don’t miss your chance this time around! Look for ’em at 10 a.m. Friday in the online shop and at the Fun Mall, 720 Bryan Ave. in Lexington!

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