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Lights Around Kentucky

Get your holiday sparkle on with these epic light displays across the Commonwealth.

Kentucky Rocks!

This Friday, December 9th at 10am we are launching the absolute must-have for Kentucky bourbon drinkers everywhere… Kentucky Rocks!

The Johnny Appleseed of LSD

A new biography details how Augustus Owsley “Bear” Stanley, grandson of a Kentucky governor, helped fuel a cultural revolution with his psychedelic creations.

Silver & Gold Kentucky Necklaces By Meg C

A limited number of Kentucky necklaces by Meg C will be back up on our website this Wednesday, December 7th at 10AM so don’t miss out on this perfect holiday gift!

Bourbon Glasses Restock

We’re restocking all of our bourbon glasses this Friday, December 2nd at 10am, y’all!

Happy Chandler Mugs & Prints!

This Friday, December 2nd at 10am we are launching these kick-ass Happy Chandler mugs by local potter David Kring with the prints to match!

December Night Market!

We’re taking it to the streets from 6-10 p.m. this Friday, December 2nd, along the 700 block of Bryan Ave. in Lexington for the ultimate block party. Hell yeah!

Send A Jerk A Lump Of Kentucky Coal!

Joy to the world! Real live Kentucky coal lumps are back this Wednesday, November 28th at 10am on our website!

The Kentucky Smoothie

We blended two of Kentucky’s finest culinary traditions — hot browns and bourbon — into one epic creation. Get Kentucky strong!