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Kentucky Artist Series:
Robby Davis

We’re launching a collection of shirts and prints by Kentucky artists we love! Look for new designs from Louisville-based illustrator Robby Davis beginning at 10 a.m. March 22.

Snowflake Off The Top Rope

The weird wedding of politics and wrasslin’ in East Kentucky.

High School Hoops: How Sweet It Is

Author Jarrett Van Meter’s new book captures the emotion, talent and dedicated fans that make High School basketball a Kentucky phenomenon.

New Horse Humping Socks, Y’all!

Wednesday at 10 am we’ll be dropping two new colorful pairs of Horse Humping socks on our website!

Kentucky Children’s Eye Chart

Welcome back to Kindergarten, friends—Kentucky for Kentucky-style, that is. Which means this school is way cooler than your Kindergarten. In fact, it kicks ass. With the iconography of the Commonwealth in mind, we’ve had hometown crusher Rachael Sinclair draft a specialty version of a children’s eye chart. Complete with the outlines of Kentucky’s great symbols—the …

Cantuckee Fer Cantuckee!

By popular demand, our BRAND NEW ‘Cantuckee fer Cantuckee’ tees from last weekend’s EPIC 3 DAY WAREHOUSE SALE will be temporarily available online!

Celebrating Kentucky: Muhammad Ali

Remembering Ali and his legacy as an ambassador for universal love and peace.

Celebrating Kentucky: Garrett Morgan

Kentucky-born inventor Garrett Morgan created not one but two life-saving devices over the course of his prolific career.

Celebrating Kentucky: Georgia Powers

Tireless legislator and Civil Rights advocate was at the center of the fight for racial equality in America.