Three Rooster Sun!

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It’s been almost 10 years since The Mountain dropped their now world famous ‘Three Wolf Moon’ t-shirt designed by artist Antonia Neshev. Made famous by some amazing Amazon reviews, many consider this to be the most iconic t-shirt in the history of the Internet. We sure do. While we had absolutely nothing to do with this amazing and epic t-shirt, we have been spending the past 9 years working on a follow up to it. Call it a tribute. Call it a polar opposite. Call it awesome. Call it chicken shit. We call it “Three Rooster Sun.”
While there have been countless Three Wolf Moon spoofs over the years, this one is different. So what makes it so different? Three Wolf Moon obviously celebrates the night with three wolves howling at the moon, Three Rooster Sun celebrates the day with three roosters howling at the sun. One represents night (evil) while the other represents day (good). From urban farming to hot chicken, roosters are more en vogue than ever. Designed in the heart of chicken & rooster country (Kentucky) by artist Rachael Sinclair for Ky for Ky. The reviews are already rolling in:
“…The sun shown like a spotlight and settled on an old oak tree. Shivering shirtless in the cool morning air, I reached my hand into the hollow and pulled out the most magnificent tee! Three Rooster Sun! I immediately put it on.
My luck had changed. I won the lottery. I can lift 100 pounds like it’s nothing. I inherited a pizzeria where I met the love of my life. After a pulitzer prize, 3 gold medals, and a successful city council run, I can finally say that I owe all my thanks to Three Rooster Sun!”
-Brandon, 34, Richmond, KY
Wow, that’s something, Brandon! Thank you so much for sharing your testimonial.
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We’re Hiring!

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Hey, y’all!  We are looking for a few Kentucky-loving individuals to initiate into the Kentucky for Kentucky crew! We have a few positions available, so if you have experience in E-commerce Marketing or Retail/Customer Service, we wanna see what you’ve got!  Continue Reading

High lonesome, that is. If you’ve ever heard any country song ever, you know just what I’m talking about. Love found, love lost, he’s come home broke, he’s cheating again, she’s cheating again, the pickup’s up on cinder blocks, the engine’s rusted out. It’s a sound that hooks the heart, it’s a story you know: times are tough, the going is rough, and all you want every day of it is to go home.

Maybe it’s the sound of the South, of the blues and old-tyme string, but Kentucky sure is full with it. I might be sitting right there, in the place where the creek runs clean and the kitchen table is a run with greens, potatoes, corn cobs, fried chicken, cabbage, beans, and four different kinds of cobbler, I might be sitting right at that table, fork in hand, and still I’d miss being there, right there, where I am. “I never met a Kentuckian who wasn’t thinking about going home or actually going home,” our golden governor named Happy once said. It’s a feeling that’s irrational. It’s a revelation and a madness.

A reefer madness. No, not cannabis. The high I’m talking about is from breathing in another grass, one that grows just as wild, if you let it.

Poa pratensis, a.k.a. Kentucky bluegrass, is a hallucinogen. It’s also the grass growing in your front yard. Widely adaptive, drought resistant, ready to grow in times of stress, the grass we call blue is a survivor. It’s been seeded in lawns from here to Oregon, a favorite among long-socked, short-shorted mowers who prefer the blade’s erection to the less confident ground covers. But if you have your courage to hold your blade, to not mow, it will come up two feet, three, or more, depending on the moods of the soil and its people. In her papers dating from just after the Civil War, Sadie Combs records she saw a pasture that grew five feet; her diary says it was like watching confetti celebrate the air, seeing that grass release its strange bloom. I would suggest Ms. Combs exaggerated in service to history, but, in a recent interview with Mr. Walker (of the Nelson County Walkers), he told me in the months that followed the economy’s recent crash, his field came up taller than him. (If you haven’t made Mr. Walker’s acquaintance, I should tell you he is every bit of seven foot and does not carry the reputation of a liar.)

Kentucky bluegrass is a gift that comes up strong when you need it most, a grass of rooted hope. But grow it long with caution. For in that split blade a silver spore is ferried which, once you breathe it, will cause you to feel a sweet pang. You’ll start seeing things, visions, dreams, you’ll start believing that there really is a place in this world where you belong.

Photos by Sarah Jane Sanders

Open up and say ‘Hell Yeah!’ Kentucky, our world famous 100% Kentucky-made, Kentucky-shaped ‘Hell Yeah’ bottle openers are back! Pop the cap and down the hatch. Always have your trusty tool by your side. Back in action and available for purchase on our website this Friday, September 4th at 10am.

Made from durable stainless steel, our bottle opener is the result of many Kentucky collaborations. To make this godly creation, we trekked through the fine blue grasses of design, engraving, and manufacturing. First off, we teamed up with our go-to guru of Kentucky Inventions Brian Turner (of Cricket Press fame) to churn out the dapper design. Next, we sent it off to the good folks out at Kleencut Technologies in Western Kentucky to punch out the shape of Kentucky, with the perfect
nook to make your top pop. Finally, they were off to the dashing Chris Early at EHO Laser Engraving in Bowling Green, KY to get their badass insignia etched in by some hi-tech laser love. Now that the journey is complete, we are so proud to present to you fine folks the most Kentucky-centric bottle opener out there.

Open up your next Ale-8, or Kentucky craft beer with our trusty bottle opener and say Hell Yeah- after all, you deserve it.. Available on Friday September 4th at 10:00AM on our website. $12