This Friday, February 17th at 10 a.m. we are launching the 4th print to the KY Natural Wonders prints series, y’all! These new Land Between the Lakes prints are designed by Nick Baute of Hound Dog Press and hand-printed the old fashioned way!

Located in western Tennessee and Kentucky, Land Between the Lakes is the largest inland peninsula in the U.S.A. Originally created when the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers were impounded (creating Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley), LBL has over 170,000 acres of gorgeous forested & protected public land, and over 300 miles of undeveloped shoreline. Maintained and managed by the USDA Forest Service, this gorgeous location welcomes over 2 million visitors a year!

Each 13” x 18” print is hand carved onto linoleum blocks, then reduced (or cut) in-between each individual color. They’re printed one color at a time, one print at a time, on a 1950 Vandercook #4 printing press using 100# French Paper Co. paper (100% recycled in a hydro powered mill). The process insures that no additional prints can be made. Once these are gone, they’re truly gone, so grab yours while they last!

This Wednesday, February 15th, at 10 a.m. we’re launching some fresh new Southern Socks, y’all! For the dog lovin’, bird huntin’ crowd, we’ve got these awesome “Dogs Are Barkin’ ” socks, featuring a motif of shotguns and birddogs. For you classic car admirers, we have these “Broncos & Rovers” socks, featuring little blue and orange vintage Broncos and Land Rovers!


Get yourself a pair beginning at 10 a.m. Wednesday in the online shop and in person at the Kentucky Fall Mall, 720 Bryant Ave. in Lexington!


Not every state in the U.S.A. can be as cool as Kentucky, y’all. Let the world know with our new “Good States, Bad States” tees that Kentucky is superior in every way.  These blatantly honest tees will be available on our website this Friday, February 10th at 10am along with matching $10 prints on 14″x11″ French paper, hand-printed by The Giant Robot!

Brainstorming gift ideas for your favorite Kentucky gentleman this Valentine’s Day? Look no further, y’all! This Wednesday, February 8th at 10am we’re dropping these vintage bourbon label cufflinks by Jason Woodward! While traveling his favorite dirt roads looking for antique bourbon bottles, Jason met a man who had spent his life collecting odds and ends. While he didn’t have any old bottles, he did have a variety of old bourbon labels that had never made it onto bottles. Jason fell in love with this antique paper and thus turned them into these awesome vintage cufflinks! The color, the font and the story behind each one is interesting and unique, resulting in the perfect gift for every Southern gentleman with a love for bourbon and kick-ass style.  These cufflinks come in 3 designs:

Old Fitz Cufflinks

These cufflinks were handmade using two 1965 Old Fitzgerald Bourbon labels. The labels are unused, original labels collected over three generations. Commonly referred to as “Old Fitz” it was one of the most popular premium wheated bourbons of its time. Distilled by the Old Fitzgerald Distillery in Louisville, KY.

Jim Beam UK Championship Cufflinks

These cufflinks were handmade using two 1978 Jim Beam Bourbon Labels. The labels are unused, original labels collected over three generations. These labels were part of a special release celebrating the University of Kentucky for winning the 1978 NCAA Basketball Tournament Championship game, Clermont-Beam, KY.

Very Very Rare Cufflinks

These cufflinks were handmade using two 1955 Old Fitzgerald Bourbon labels. The labels are unused, original labels that have been collected over three generations. Very Very Rare was a marketing slogan used by Julian “Pappy” Van Winkle to distinguish his 10 and 12 year stocks when he owned the Stitzel-Weller Distillery in Louisville, KY.