Custom Ebbets Field Flannels Vintage ‘KY’ Baseball Caps

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

Plunge headlong into winter with a touch of Kentucky street style. Wear your custom ‘KY’ Ebbets Field Flannels vintage baseball cap to the front, the back, or to the side – however you spin it, people will want to know where you scored. Old-school authenticity with these simple statement-making accessories that you can wear through every season. Wear this hat and crush it like a true kick ass Kentuckian.

Go ahead, represent the Commonwealth – there’s no house divided on this one.

DETAILS: Made in the USA by proud ‘Mericans, Horse hair buckram crown, Satin taping, Felt  ‘KY’ emblem, Cotton sweatband, Old-school wool broadcloth, One Size Fits All, Leather strap, Kentucky Kicks Ass.

Only 100 of these hats will be available. Buy em on Friday November 29th at 10:30AM ET on our website.

Kentucky for Kentucky