Explore Kentucky. That’s an order.

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

This Friday we are dropping a special design for all the intrepid explorers out there. The iconic likeness featured on this baseball raglan (a true American classic) comes from a vintage bluegrass automotive artifact from the 1960’s. Meant to grace the front of one’s car, this license plate touts a simple message: “Explore Kentucky.” Accompanying this message is a mysterious visage. Perhaps he’s Daniel Boone, the famous trailblazing folk hero who swept though the virgin Commonwealth in the 1770’s. Or perhaps he is a pioneer of Kentucky’s mythical past, a mountain man imploring you to get off the beaten path. Or could it be George Clooney asking you to explore his beauty? Either way you interpret it, this heritage inspired shirt will draw out the adventurer within. Available on Friday April 14th at 10:00am.

Kentucky for Kentucky