Does your love for Kentucky extend straight to your core? Do you feel it in your bones like bedrock and does it coarse through your veins like a clear mountain stream? Yeah, us too.


Kentucky writer Jesse Stuart eloquently nailed that feeling in his rhapsodic poem, “Kentucky Is My Land.” You can read his epic ode to the Bluegrass States here. Give it a gander and you’ll see why we wholeheartedly share the sentiments expressed by his beautiful words, and why we’re proud to represent.


This Friday, September 23rd, at 10 a.m. we’re launching a new line of “Kentucky Is My Land” gear. Designed by The Hern and hand-printed by The Giant Robot, we’ll offer this design on super-soft T-shirts and baseball tees … and on vintage Kentucky maps! We’ll have shirts aplenty for all you proud Kentuckians, but only a handful of these beautiful hand-printed maps will be available. Each map used in this limited-edition printing comes from Kentucky Press.  They are more than 40 years old and truly a unique work of art.


All of this amazing “Kentucky Is My Land” gear will be available beginning at 10 a.m. Friday in our online shop!


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Wood, weather and time all impact how a bourbon ages. Here’s how Buffalo Trace’s ongoing experiments help it better control for the unknown.

Back in the spring of 2006, tornado-strength winds whipped through Buffalo Trace Distillery’s campus on the banks of the Kentucky River in Frankfort and wreaked all kinds of havoc.
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Happy National Bourbon Month, y’all! This Friday, September 23rd at 10am we’re releasing three kick-ass new rocks glasses. Plus, we’re restocking all of our most popular bourbon glasses. Available both online at and at the Kentucky Fun Mall located at 720 Bryan Ave Lex Ky 40505. These new glasses are a must have for every good Kentuckian with an extreme attachment to their bourbon.