The hats everyone is talking about are back, y’all! And just in time for fall! This Friday, September 30th, at 10 a.m. we’re offering up a fresh batch of our new and improved wool “KY” Ebbets Field Flannels vintage baseball caps!


Featuring an enhanced design with prominent “KY” felt lettering stitched against a rich, navy-blue wool background with white accents, these kick-ass hats rock old-school authenticity with a shout out to the Bluegrass state. Made in the USA, these authentic reproductions of vintage baseball caps also feature a horse-hair buckram crown, satin taping, cotton sweatband and adjustable leather strap.


Wear your custom ‘KY’ Ebbets cap to the front, to the back or to the side, y’all, and let that Kentucky pride shine! Visit the online shop beginning at 10 a.m. Friday or come on down an visit us at the Kentucky Fun Mall, 729 Bryan Ave. in Lexington. These lids won’t last long!

It’s Fall cleaning at the Fun Mall, y’all!  On our tidying adventure in our 10,000 sqft warehouse, we came across a very limited number of signed “Decadent and Depraved” prints by Rachael Sinclair left from our 4th running!  This Wednesday, September 28th at 10 a.m. we’ll be putting these prints back up on our website! They won’t last long, so if you’ve had your heart set on one of these awesome prints, you better act fast!  They’ll also be available at the KYforKY Fun Mall while supplies last! Stop in and see us at 720 Bryan Avenue!

Created exclusively for Kentucky for Kentucky by Louisville illustrator Rachael Sinclair, the design features a striking visual interpretation of Hunter S. Thompson’s famous magazine piece, “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved.” Originally published in the June, 1970 issue of Scanlan’s Monthly magazine, Thompson’s take on the 96th running of the Kentucky Derby, reported from the trenches along with illustrator Ralph Steadman, depicts a booze-fueled orgy of indulgence and decadence in which the writer ultimately realizes he’s played a part. It also introduced the world to Thompson’s gonzo style and marked the first time Steadman and Thompson worked together.

Each silk in Rachael Sinclair’s print is symbolic of something from Thompson’s essay. References like “Colonel Quick,” “Nekkid Horses,” “Whiskey Gentry,” “Old Fitz” and “Chemical Billy” interpret the article in infographic form, and touches like the diagonal red-and-white stripes of an Old Fitzgerald label on Old Fitz’s silk and the chemical structure of phenacyl chloride, the active ingredient in mace, featured on Chemical Billy’s silk exemplify the insane attention to detail that went into the print’s design.

Each 20” x 24” poster is printed by Thoroughbred Printing in Lexington, Kentucky, on 80-pound speckled paper from French Paper Co., and is signed by the artist. They’re ready to frame and hang to showcase your love for Kentucky and horse racing, as well as your personal gonzo style.


Does your love for Kentucky extend straight to your core? Do you feel it in your bones like bedrock and does it coarse through your veins like a clear mountain stream? Yeah, us too.


Kentucky writer Jesse Stuart eloquently nailed that feeling in his rhapsodic poem, “Kentucky Is My Land.” You can read his epic ode to the Bluegrass States here. Give it a gander and you’ll see why we wholeheartedly share the sentiments expressed by his beautiful words, and why we’re proud to represent.


This Friday, September 23rd, at 10 a.m. we’re launching a new line of “Kentucky Is My Land” gear. Designed by The Hern and hand-printed by The Giant Robot, we’ll offer this design on super-soft T-shirts and baseball tees … and on vintage Kentucky maps! We’ll have shirts aplenty for all you proud Kentuckians, but only a handful of these beautiful hand-printed maps will be available. Each map used in this limited-edition printing comes from Kentucky Press.  They are more than 40 years old and truly a unique work of art.


All of this amazing “Kentucky Is My Land” gear will be available beginning at 10 a.m. Friday in our online shop!


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