Derby Party Gift Guide

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Time to start planning your Derby parties, y’all! Check out our gift guide that’s gonna make sure you have all of the Derby essentials to party to your full potential. Having a big crowd over? We give discounts on bulk orders! Contact Justin Mosteller at for inquiries.



“Watch Me Sip Watch Them Neigh Neigh” Tees

Keeping it casual on Derby day? Gear up with a fan-favorite “Watch Me Sip Watch Them Neigh Neigh” tee!


Bourbon Glassware

Bourbon is obviously an essential beverage to have on hand when hosting a Derby party. This IS Kentucky, y’all. Sip in style with these kick-ass bourbon glasses!

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Kentucky Rocks

Add an extra Kentucky twist to your Derby cocktails with these Kentucky Rocks ice cube trays!

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Southern Socks

Nothing celebrates Kentucky’s love of the horse breeding industry quite like our Horse Humping socks, and it ain’t the Kentucky Derby without bourbon, y’all! Get your feet in on the action.

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Dapper Classics Dress Socks

Spiffing up for the Derby? These Dapper dress socks will complete your Derby attire! Available in “Racing Horses” and “Run For The Bourbon” designs!

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Derby Bandanas

Party in The Infield or The Grandstand (or use your imagination) with these Derby bandanas by Antonio Bandanas!



Derby Prints

Deck out your humble abode with these Derby prints, y’all! Check out our “Derby Days” print by Chris Nolen and our “Decadent and Depraved” print by Ben Wade.


Party Favors!

Looking for a few little gifts for your party-goers? Hook them up with some kick-ass sticker packs, Kentucky shaped bottle openers and No Tell Motel key tags!



Juice up your Derby party with these classic Kentucky bourbon cocktails popular in the 1930s.

Derby season is upon us, friends, and that means that over here at Kentucky for Kentucky we’re getting ready to mix up a few dozen of our favorite bourbon cocktails and start placing a few bets. The mint julep will always be a crowd pleaser for all your parties, but why stop there?


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It’s bonfire time, y’all! This Friday, April 21st at 10am we’re coming out with three Kentucky camping tees just in time for this perfect camping weather! Check out our “Bourbon and Bonfires” (designed by The Hern) available in blue and grey, “KY LIT AF” and “Pitch A Tent” tees (designed by Rachael Sinclair)! All tees hand-printed in-house by The Giant Robot.

Cocaine Bear Socks!

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We’re rollin’ in more Cocaine Bear gear, y’all! In celebration Kentucky’s number one tourist attraction, we’re dropping two pairs of Cocaine Bear socks this Wednesday, April 19th at 10am! Two different designs, available in bright yellow and aqua! Made in America by our sister brand Southern Socks.


Unfamiliar with Kentucky’s Cocaine Bear? Check out the story on Cocaine Bear by LEX18 below or find all the details about how Cocaine Bear ended up in the Fun Mall on our blog!