Epic 72 Hour Winter Sale!

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We’ve restocked the shop and we’re kicking off the New Year with an Epic 72 Hour Winter Sale, y’all! Three days only, January 20th-22nd, save 20% OFF EVERYTHING + FREE SHIPPING both online and in-store at the Kentucky Fun Mall! Don’t miss out on these kick-ass savings!

Shop online at KyforKy.com using the promo code WINTERSALE and receive 20% off + Free Shipping!

Shop in-store at the Kentucky Fun Mall located at 720 Bryan Ave Lex Ky 40505 this Friday- Sunday 10am until 6pm!

A Kentucky couple offers refuge for abandoned dolls and mannequins at their unique roadside attraction.

Anyone traveling through Elliottville, Kentucky, just east of Morehead, might be alarmed to see doll heads mounted on a fence. They’ll definitely look twice at the collection of dolls hanging from a barn. Closer inspection reveals dolls dangling from tree branches, perched on chairs, atop blocks of wood and hidden among plants. There are also uniquely dressed mannequins under a lean-to, by a small building and sitting under a tree.
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Have you been living on the wrong side of the law and didn’t know it? Check out this collection of obscure Kentucky laws to find out.

Many of us know not to carry an ice-cream cone in our pockets when in Lexington or Louisville, but there are many other obscure statutes still on the books in Kentucky that can trip up us.
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❤ Y’ALL T-Shirts

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The world needs more love, Y’ALL! Let EVERYONE know you love em with one of these fresh new LOVE Y’ALL shirts. This Friday, January 13th at 10am both of our new LOVE Y’ALL shirts will be available online! Spread the love!