We’re launching a collection of shirts and prints by Kentucky artists we love! Look for new designs from Louisville-based illustrator Robby Davis beginning at 10 a.m. March 22.

Folks who’ve followed KYforKY for any length of time know that we’re all about celebrating the creativity, passion and general kick-assery of the people, places and products that make Kentucky great. To further that mission, we’re launching a new series of shirts and prints showcasing the work of some of our favorite Kentucky artists.


We’ll kick it off at 10 a.m. this Wednesday, March 22, with a limited run of two new designs from Robby Davis. Robby is a Louisville-based artist, designer and illustrator who works in a variety of mediums. You might recognize his illustrations from cans of Against the Grain beer, among numerous other high-profile projects.

Robby created two new designs for our series — a cool spin on our “Kentucky Kicks Ass” motto that will be available as a T-shirt, and an eye-grabbing “KY Ooze” design that will be available as both a shirt and a high-quality art print, hand-printed by The Giant Robot on 100 pound French Paper.


Robby finds inspiration everywhere, he says, “from other artists, illustrators and designers, but also from good beer and terrible humor.” The ’90s-era cartoons of Robby’s youth — especially Animaniacs, Earthworm Jim, The Tick and Boogerman — also inform his whimsical perspective.


“I was really into drawing characters from those shows, and my ‘style’ definitely includes some of those influences,” he says. “In my personal work, I enjoy the idea of narrative. Whether it be verbal or visual, I always try to tell a story using a juxtaposition of tragedy and happiness.”


When he’s not making art or working as an interactive designer on apps and websites, Robby and his wife enjoy road tripping and searching out odd, hidden treasures in the states that they travel through.


“Kentucky has a lot of those gems,” Robby says. “Just this past weekend we drove up to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, to check out the famous general store.”


Check out more of Robby’s work here, and look for his new KY designs in the shop beginning at 10 a.m. March 22!

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New Horse Humping socks coming your way this Hump Day, y’all! Wednesday at 10 am we’ll be dropping two new colorful pairs of  Horse Humping socks by Southern Socks on our website! Get into a Springy mood with these bright and fun socks in celebration of the biggest money-making industry in Kentucky! New socks are available in green and yellow! Made in the USA.