It’s almost fall, y’all! That means it’s time for some fresh new fall-themed Southern Socks. At 10 a.m. this Friday, September 2nd, we’re launching two kick-ass new styles — Beer Pong socks and Shotgun Shell socks.


Beer Pong Southern Socks! Red Solo cups and little white balls conjure up all kinds of fuzzy college memories us, and we know we’re not alone. Now you can relive all those warm fuzzies yourself (and it’s not just all that unintentionally ingested carpet fuzz) with new beer-pong themed socks. Perfect for beer pong champions everywhere. Available at 10 a.m. this Friday, September 2nd, at and at the Fun Mall. Made in the USA.


Shotgun Shell Southern Socks! Skeet, birds, burglars … whatever your preferred target, you know these socks are on point. Also available at 10 a.m. this Friday, September 2nd, at and at the Fun Mall. Made in the USA.


Not into Beer Pong and Shotgun Shells? Check out our other famous Kentucky themed Southern Socks here.


Rock Out With Your Southern Socks Out!



All right, y’all. You asked for it and now we’ve got it. Fresh new Cocaine Bear gear will be hitting our website this Wednesday, August 31st at 10am!


The legend of Kentucky’s infamous Cocaine Bear has spread like wildfire this summer. You can read the story of how Cocaine Bear came to reside at the Kentucky Fun Mall here, as well as Cocaine Bear’s numerous press reports.

Ever since word got out, folks from all over the world have visited the Kentucky Fun Mall to see Cocaine Bear, a.k.a. Mr. Pablo EskoBear. So much so that our stuffed Fun Mall mascot has become one of the state’s top tourist destinations! But, after snapping a few pics with Cocaine Bear and checking out the shop, visitors always ask the same question. “Where are the Cocaine Bear souvenirs?”

cocaine bear shirts full

Well wonder no longer, y’all. We teamed up with graphic designer Rachael Sinclair to create a shirt befitting of the legendary Cocaine Bear and his new Kentucky home. If you’re in the area and JUST CAN’T WAIT to order your Cocaine Bear gear online, the shirts and prints are available now in the Fun Mall, 720 Bryan Ave. in Lexington. Come on down and see Cocaine Bear!


And remember kids, don’t do drugs or you might end up dead (and possibly stuffed) like Cocaine Bear.

A Red Hot Kentucky Summer

by Kentucky For Kentucky on
summer recap 2016

What a summer! From Bill Murray in a KY for KY tee to Cocaine Bear and tubin’ on the creek, we’ve had some wild times and the fun keeps rolling on. Thanks for helping us make it epic, y’all!

It’s been an action packed summer for us at Kentucky for Kentucky, y’all. So much epic-ness went down. So many good times. So much Kentucky kick-assery all around.
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Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off

by Kentucky For Kentucky on
Hemp Cook-Off2

Taste what hemp can do for you during the Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off this Saturday in Lexington.

If you’re under the impression that hemp-based foods are all of the crunchy, macrobiotic variety — or will make you fail a drug test — prepare to be pleasantly surprised when you taste the variety of food and beverages offered during the inaugural Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, August 27th, in the Fifth Third Pavilion at Cheapside Park in downtown Lexington, Kentucky.
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