KY & Southern Hats

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

New hats are in, y’all! This Friday, October 28th at 10am we’ll be introducing our new “Southern” hats and bringing back our “KY” baseball hats!

Our navy 6-panel cotton twill “KY” hats have felt lettering and feature an adjustable leather strap. You can’t go wrong with this classic navy baseball cap. It’s simple in all the right ways, but still says “I’m a proud Kentuckian” loud and clear! Our brand new 6-panel flat embroidered washed canvas “Southern” hat by Southern Socks is the perfect casual wear hat for all the Southern ladies and gents, also featuring an adjustable strap. One size fits all, y’all!

Both of these awesome hats will be available this Friday at 10am on the online shop and at the KYforKY Fun Mall (720 Bryan Avenue)!

The swimsuit Mark Spitz wore in 72 Olympics was made in Paris, Kentucky

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