Send A Jerk A Lump Of Kentucky Coal!

by Kentucky For Kentucky |

The holidays are a time for fun, frivolity, love and gratitude. But let’s face it. Some people don’t deserve any of that stuff. You know the ones. They’ve made your whole year a little harder than it needed to be. They’re the ones with the make-believe gluten allergy. The selfie addicts. The ones with the Make America Great Again hat. Nice boys and girls are easy to shop for. But what are you supposed to get these naughty jerks to let them know just how little you care?

Joy to the world! Real live Kentucky coal lumps are here!

Declare this Christmas a “No Buttholes Zone” and go on the offensive with the gift that’s worse than nothing. Coal. Because nothing says, “I do not approve of you,” like a real live chunk of Kentucky’s filthiest export.

You’ll be a Yuletide hero when you lower the boom on some unsuspecting schmuck with this hilarious anti-gift straight from the motherland.

Available now! Purchase a genuine lump of Kentucky Coal here!

Happy Birthday was invented by the Hill sisters in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kentucky for Kentucky