Kentucky Kicks Ass Flags



We’re stoked for the relaunch of our killer ‘Kentucky Kicks Ass’ flags. Kick-ass flags for proud kick-ass Kentuckians. Flags that let the world know who we are and what we do. Celebrate Kentucky’s kick-assery with a big ol’ Kentucky Kicks Ass’ flag. Hell yeah.

We’ve revamped our “Kentucky Kicks Ass” flags to bring down the price and let the flags fly higher. These babies are made in the USA, and showcase a single-ply “Kentucky Kicks Ass” logo detail. Flags are crafted from a durable poly-blend and measure 3′ x 5′. $30.
 Perfect for: Proud Kentuckians, Old Kentucky Homes, Ships, Recreational Vehicles, ATV’s, Businesses, Offices, Campsites, Festivals, Events, Boarders, Flag Poles, Lovers & beyond. Carry into battle. Fly with pride.

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